Busy weekend

Back home from a seriously busy weekend!

On Thursday I travelled down to the Royal Windsor Horse Show to crew for Robert Newall in the CEI2* 120km race on the Friday. Pre-ride vetting was a bit hairy as Lotti was hyped up with all the flags, spectators and general magnitude of the ride.

On race day Lotti was a bit more chilled and completed two loops effortlessly at 17kmph. Sadly on the third loop, Lotti was beginning to tire, as was Robert and they decided to retire on course. A disappointing end when they had been going so well.

Friday night I got home quite late and began packing for Sunday's race in France.

Saturday included a mad dash to airport, and almost missing my flight, but I made it - luckily!!!

I couldn't get to France in time for pre-ride vetting as there are so few flights going in and out of the tiny airport to Limoges. Owner, Clifford Fenton, was on hand to vet Frandore Al Maury for me and I heard reports that she was 'very on her toes'.

Not having met Fran before I was keen to get to know her but she was more interested in her haynet so we left her and her sister, who was also to be competing in the 1*, to settle for the night.

Sunday was race day, and once again the weather did not disappoint! Sadly, so much rain the days before had made the course incredibly deep in places but overall it was a nice ride. This was the first 1* for both of the mares so I was told to ride carefully and just get the qualification.

We got both horses round and sound and finished in 17th & 18th place (we think - still not confirmed and we couldn't grasp the speedy French).

Thrilled with the result, another ride abroad, another horse, and so much fun!

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