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“Noble Outfitters is designed to help you live the life you ride. All weathers, all rides. Our equestrian clothing and equipment give you quality, innovation and durability at prices that will make you smile.”


Founded in 2005, Two Cool Inc acquired the manufacturing and international distribution of Cold One® Brand Ice Compression Wraps. Cold One® offers a selection of ice compression therapy wraps for specific injury areas for humans and equines. Each product utilizes the combination of cold therapy and compression therapy to stop pain and reduce swelling of soft tissue injuries caused by sports and muscle injury, muscle tear, sprains, torn muscles and post surgical procedures.

Find out more at www.coldone.com

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ArcEquine is a microcurrent device that mimics the body's electrical biocurrents in order to boost the production of ATP within the body's cells. Injury, disease or tissue damage disrupts the normal electrical currents within the cells and decreases the rate of ATP production. Microcurrent stimulation increases ATP production by up to 500% kick starting and accelerating the body's own recovery, allowing for the reduction of pain and inflammation, and for healing to start earlier.

Find out more at https://www.arcequine.com/

Sponsorship opportunities include: 
  • Coverage on large & busy social media presence; 5.5k likes on FB, 1k followers on Instagram, 0.5k followers on Twitter 
  • Attendance at all major UK endurance events and many competitions nationwide
  • Attendance at several endurance events in Europe
  • Regular and well-received blog, including training articles, competition reports, product reviews
  • Opportunity to attend sponsor events, photo shoots & other promotional activities 
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